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In the past, payment with a credit card was particularly common abroad, in Germany it was not offered by many retailers – above all because the EC system was a sufficient alternative for a long time. A credit card payment was often only found where a relatively large number of foreign customers can be expected.

However, due to the massive expansion of online trading, the EC card has been largely displaced, since it is not easy to pay online with this. As a rule, only payment in advance, cash on delivery or online payment service (PayPal) or credit card is possible. If you want to buy cheaply in English-speaking countries, you will only have the option to either use one of the many online payment services or you can almost always pay with a credit card.

Get a credit card

Get a credit card

Since a credit card is very easy to obtain today – and often even without fees – or as a “light” credit card in the form of a prepaid credit card, which has the same functions online as a “real” credit card, more and more businesses are switching and offering also offer their customers credit card payment in addition to paying with an EC card or cash.

Making a payment in a normal business with a credit card is no different from paying with an EC card – first, of course, you should make sure that the credit card is accepted. You can recognize this by a logo (at the checkout) of the respective provider, for example VISA, American Express, MasterCard or Diners Club. However, many stores also accept a credit card on demand, especially for expensive purchases.

If you want to make a payment with the credit card, you usually have to show your ID so that the data on the credit card and the signature can be reconciled with the data on the card and the signature.

When paying, the credit card is then either inserted into a card reader itself or by the seller. You should insist on doing this yourself or not losing sight of the card if possible – why, see last paragraph. Then you enter your PIN and confirm the PIN entry.

After the credit card payment you should receive 2 receipts, on which the amount is noted. You have to sign one and compare the signature with that on the ID card. One should receive a receipt, the payment receipt and / or receipt, the other one will be retained by the seller who accepted the credit card payment.

Credit card on the internet

Credit card on the internet

You can also pay with a credit card on the Internet – logically you don’t have to identify yourself and you can’t either. However, the following is valid as identification:

  • correct cardholder data,
  • credit card number,
  • Security number / check digit and des
  • Expiry Date,

and of course the card company (VISA, American Express, MasterCard, Diners Club, etc.).

Usually, this data is only accessible to the holder of a credit card, which is why the payment can be considered secure – but: If someone else also has this data, they can also buy on behalf of the owner. This only works if the card is blocked, which is why you should have the card blocked immediately after a loss.

In this case, most card companies offer additional insurance as an inclusive service, for example if the card has been stolen, the thief purchases it immediately, but is nevertheless quickly blocked. If it can be seen that the card can be blocked immediately after the loss, the costs incurred are usually borne by the card company or its insurance company – so don’t wait too long, because the goodwill of the providers also knows limits.

But: It may also be that the card was not stolen at all and someone is still shopping with it, e.g. For example, if he steals the card and copies it – he also has all the necessary data without it being stolen. That is why you should never take your eyes off your card when making a credit card payment in a shop – at worst, it can otherwise be copied quickly by a fraudulent merchant or employee without you realizing it.

In this case, the card company or its insurance company rarely takes over the damage if you see on the invoice weeks later that someone else has bought with the card – here you have simply acted negligent and there is often only the way to get the result Retrieve damage yourself via notification.

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